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Author: Sherry Lee

Hearing Riel

Hearing Riel

The ICM is a proud co-sponsor of the symposium “Hearing Riel,” forthcoming on 21 April at Innis College Town Hall. Attendance is free, and is already oversold! However, the event will be viewable onscreen in the Innis lobby, and will also be webcast live, so you can listen to the conversation even without a ticket.

For all student and scholar attendees of the interdisciplinary “Hearing Riel pre-seminar” on Thursday, 20 April: let’s meet in the Trinity College Combination Room, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Our guest scholars include Jean Teillet, Sherrill Grace, Colleen Renihan and Linda Hutcheon; we’re excited to involve Law, English, Music and Drama in a discussion about the many issues that arise in our present Canadian context surrounding the artistic representation and dramatic re-narration of legal histories and Indigenous peoples. SO, here are some optional readings by each author that attendees may peruse if they’d like to prepare for this exchange of ideas:

• Sherrill Grace, On the Art of Being Canadian (UBC Press 2009), Ch.3 “Inventing Iconic Figures,” 106-23 (excerpt)
• Linda and Michael Hutcheon, “Identity Crisis,” Opera Canada 57/4 (2017), Special Issue “Louis Riel at 50,” 18-24
• Colleen Renihan, “The Politics of Genre: Exposing Historical Tensions in Harry Somers’ Louis Riel,” in Opera Indigene, ed. Karantonis and Robinson (Ashgate 2011/Routledge 2016), 259-76
• Jean Teillet, “Exoneration for Louis Riel: Mercy, Justice, or Political Expediency?” Saskatchewan Law Review 67 (2004): 359-92

–bonus entries:
• Beverley McLachlin, “Louis Riel: Patriot Rebel,” Manitoba Law Journal 35/1 (2011), 1-13
• Janique DuBois’ 2005 Toronto Star article “Trudeau Can Make Louis Riel’s Dream A Reality