Episode 3

Episode 3

This week’s episode features four perspectives from the 1967 production of Louis Riel. First, we spoke with Mary Morrison, a professor of voice at the University of Toronto who premiered the role of Sara Riel. Prof. Morrison was immersed in Toronto’s contemporary music scene in 1967, and helps us position Riel among other compositions of that year.
Next, we had a wonderful conversation with Victor Feldbrill, the renowned Canadian conductor who has long been an advocate for Canadian music. Mr. Feldbrill was the conductor for the 1967 performances, the 1969 television broadcast, as well as the 1976 performance of Riel in Washington. He shared numerous stories of working with the composer and librettist, as well as rehearsals with the cast.
Finally, we were fortunate enough to speak with Marie Day and Murray Laufer, who created the costume and stage designs for the 1967 production. Marie’s sketches are featured on our twitter and SoundCloud imagery this week.

Victor Feldbrill’s interview begins at 16:25, and our conversation with Marie Day and Murray Laufer begins at 51:00.

Next week, we are speaking with Prof. Robin Elliott and Prof. John Beckwith on Louis Riel‘s position in the broader context of Canadian music history.

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